How many Baby grows do I need to send?

I will need 6-8 baby grows, or a mixture of 8 baby grows and vests to create one bear. These can be in varying sizes however if they are all in tiny or prem size then I will need the full 8.

If you would like to include other items such as t-shirt, trousers, bibs etc please contact me and I give you guidance as to if these items will be suitable to create your bear.

Where are the keepsakes made?

Every keepsake is handmade by me at my home in Staffordshire. They are not outsourced or made in a factory. From pattern placement, cutting out the fabric, sewing, embroidering the footpads, stuffing, and finishing (hand stitching noses etc), I pour my heart into each and every keepsake, ensuring each keepsake is made to the highest quality. I also use a fusable backing on each pattern piece to ensure that the bears and cushions hold their shape.

Do you make any other keepsake animals?

I do not make any other keepsake animals and feel a keepsake bear is the ultimate keepsake that a child or adult alike will cherish forever.

The pattern I use for the keepsake bears is by Simplicity, however I have tweaked this slightly to help the bear sit better.

Do you offer Refunds?

Unfortunately I am unable to offer refunds on the keepsakes due to them being made to order and personalised.

If you decide not to go ahead once I have received your garments, if work has not yet started on the keepsake, then I will send the garments back to you with a full refund minus the cost of postage. I cannot offer a refund once I have started work on your keepsake. If your keepsake if faulty I will look to rectify this in a timely and efficient manner.